Cape Girardeau County Area Medical Society





The mission of the Society is to serve the people of the Cape Girardeau County in matters of medical care, prevention and improve public health.


CGCAMS Membership

Being a member of CGCAMS has many benefits for local physicians. CGCAMS offers free bi-monthly membership meetings which includes a dinner, computerized CME tracking for all CGCAMS events, patient dispute mediation, referrals, networking, in addition to social opportunities for members and their families. 

The main service of CGCAMS is providing members and guests access to continuing medical education. Each year CGCAMS hosts four symposiums and six membership meetings, from each of which CME credits are awarded. 

Each year CGCAMS kicks off its CME season with the Infectious Disease Symposium. CGCAMS then offers a variety of topics of interest to area physicians.  Past popular topics have included Skin Cancer, Back Pain, Diabetes & Endocrinology, Colon Cancer, Breast Cancer and Pediatrics.  By providing a wide range of topics, CGCAMS is able to support a wide range of specialties.  

Each membership meeting features a CGCAMS member or guest speaker, allowing attendees to learn what their peers are doing in their field.  These presentations lead to great discussions among the membership.  One very well attended membership meeting featured a guest speaker from the St. Louis anti-human trafficking office. Unbeknownst to many Americans, and by extension physicians is; human trafficking is not just limited to ‘foreigners.’  There are young American children who are corralled into human trafficking, often by not so well meaning parents and relatives.  The meetings are free for members; spouses are invited for ‘date night’ and the setting provides an invaluable networking opportunity.  

In January, CGCAMS hosted its annual holiday party. Members celebrate the past year, induct new officers and recognize two members with the CGCAMS Blue and Yellow Awards. The recipient of the Blue Award is known as   a physician of distinction in the local community. The recipient of the Yellow Award is a physician who is a leader in their field and encourages constant learning and professional growth. 

The holiday party is not the only social opportunity for members and their families. In August CGCAMS hosts the Back to School Bowling Bash.  CGCAMS members work long and hard and it’s through these social events that CGCAMS hopes to encourage long lasting friendships among its members. 

CGCAMS Alliance

The Cape Girardeau County Area Medical Society (CGCAMS) Alliance is comprised of spouses of physicians and dentists who are eligible for membership in the medical society. The CGCAMS Alliance works hard to promote healthy habits and lifestyles for the local community.

Current projects for the CGCAMS Alliance include the “Smoking is Not for Me” campaign and the BackPack for Friday’s program. The “Smoking is Not for Me” campaign is a writing and art contest for local middle school students showing why they choose not to smoke.

The BackPack for Friday program provides a backpack full of food for local students that may not otherwise have access to food over the weekend. The CGCAMS Alliances dedication to children and their families through BackPack program has proven effective. We have consistently raised more each year allowing more children the chance to take home food. We will continue to raise awareness for this important cause.

In addition to the CGCAMS Alliance’s work in the community, the Alliance is also a lot fun. From holiday socials to monthly meetings we find ourselves laughing in conversation.

If you are new to the area and would like information about the day to day life in Cape Girardeau, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Need information about schools, reliable babysitters, great restaurants? Contact us.

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Moving Forward

The last couple of years have seen great change within CGCAMS. CGCAMS has become more active within the Cape Girardeau community and the Missouri State Medical Association.  

The desire to be a force of good in the community has led to the society becoming involved with the Safe House for Women.  

CGCAMS work with the Safe House has included presentations to increase awareness of domestic violence as well as resources for physicians who see victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.  Additionally CGCAMS has worked with the Safe House to find a safe method to convey contact information for the local shelter, for victims of domestic violence. 

Increased participation by CGCAMS, in the Missouri State Medical Association, is essential; as MSMA is the voice of Missouri physicians.  With everything that is happening in health care, it is important to work together.  

In regard to the future, CGCAMS took a big step by relocating its office effective August 2016. The new office provides a more functional updated space that reflects the forward momentum and growth of CGCAMS.  The last few years have seen new life breathed into CGCAMS and with this there is no stopping us.